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 " Through the Viniyoga Teacher Training Program at A World View Yoga School, Lynn prepared me to teach in a way that can help Everyone. Lynn takes you back to the basics of The Healing Science of Yoga, helping you understand your own body, which in turn informs you to know how to teach others. 
    Whether you plan on teaching, or are here for personal transformation, there is much to gain from the experience of this program. Not only will you learn tools to apply to your personal practice, you will laugh, cry, and form special bonds with your peers. I recommend this program to anyone, beginner or seasoned yogi. "
Amy Kerr,Victorville, CA. 200-Hour ViniYoga 2014 Graduate.
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    Lynn Kelley-Piper, MEd Yoga & Meditation Teacher 
                   Experienced Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher   E-RYT-500+   * IAYT
                         Meditation & Yoga  *  Private Therapeutic Yoga by Appointment
                                   BEGIN or ADVANCE YOUR YOGA EDUCATION    
                 beyond Asana and Hatha Yoga & for personal transformation
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited
      Self-Exploration & Discovery through ViniYoga Krishnamacharya
                A Personal Growth & Teacher Training Program
                                        Begin September 19, 2015
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 Discover your Gift for teaching - take your current teaching experience to another level -  
You will graduate knowing how to teach....trained and experienced in your skills to teach yourself and others - safely and appropriately to each student's own individual physical, mental and emotional needs.....for their current conditions and stage of life. This is the Authentic Healing Science of Yoga.
Graduate from a Certified RYS200/RYS500 Registered Yoga Alliance School   
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   JOIN LYNN in EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA July thru September 2015
     The Healing Science of Yoga: ViniYoga & Krishnamacharya - Father of Modern Yoga
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- Learn about the World of Yoga 
Breath, asana, meditation, ayurveda, sutras, mudra, kriya, chakras, mantra, kirtan, yoga's beginnings.....
- Find a qualified, experienced yoga, meditation teacher  what to look for and ask. Yoga Alliance questions
- Yoga Studio owners, Event organizers, Yoga Students 
visit Teaching Topics in the Menu. Choose from these topics or let's create a new one. Invite me to teach at
your studio, retreat or conference anywhere in the world. Inspire enthusiasm by learning with your students!
First, learn about the Teacher.........
      My yoga path began in India, at age 14, where I began therapeutic yoga with the  
Father of Modern Yoga - Sri T. Krishnamacharya - the revered sage and teacher 
of yoga, ayurveda, meditation and sutras, who was the first teacher of most prominent
teachers we know today - BKS Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, his son; Indra Devi - first lady
of Yoga, who also taught into her 100th year. Tirumali Krishnamacharya is called a 
Paripurna - A Complete Yogi -by those fortunate to have known him. I continued
to study with him until I began teaching at age 22 and consider him my root teacher.
            "Control the breath, Focus your Mind and direct it into your heart.
            That is the meaning of Spirituality" Tirumalai Krishnamacharya
   Lifelong study with yoga and meditation masters Indra Devi, Menaka Desikachar,
BKS Iyengar, Vanda Scaravali, Pema Chodron, Thich Naht Hanh, Dr. Robert Thurman,
Dr. David Frawley, His Holiness The Dalai Lama - in yoga and meditation traditions
and therapies, philosophy, physiology, Ayurveda,Tibetan Buddhism. Education is a
Masters degree in Education and ongoing years of advanced studies, Yoga Alliance
University Level Teacher and a longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism. Recently, 
I deepened studies again in India with Ayurveda physicians at the International
Ayurveda Conference and with The Dalai Lama at Derab Ling Monastery, France
and retreat-studies with him in Dharmsala, India. * Currently participating in studies
of Neuroscience - new research and findings in brain, mind and body relationships
in Modern Day Stresses of addictive disorders, healing and prevention and the
positive healing results of Meditation in this area. Dream Yoga is in my future.
Therapeutic Breath, Sound & Motion Yoga, Ayurveda in the Inland Empire....
      I established yoga schools in Canada and the US, creating new therapeutic
yoga programs - Yoga Within - for universities, hospitals and medical centers.
In 1999, I opened Yoga Within & Healing Arts Center Yoga School, Riverside CA,
with progressive courses of study and practice in yoga, meditation and Ayurveda
for Everyone - Absolute Beginners through Teachers. The school brought the first
Ayurvedic physicians to the Southern California Inland Empire for education in the
first medical science, sister to Yoga, where students and Western medical community
learned how to compliment their own practices with a 2,000 year old model. This
compassionate meeting of different minds was a benefit to everyone, resulting in
individual remission and recovery of conditions and disease, physicians integrating
ayurvedic science and practitioners into their workplace. **

Yoga Within
in Medical Centers, Hospitals and Clinics.....
     In 1999, cardiologists and medical professionals invited me to create the first 
Therapeutic Yoga Program for patients and yoga classes for staff at St. Bernardine
Medical Center in San Bernardino, CA. The hospital also worked with San Bernardino
County Correctional Institute for Women, providing a re-entry program for young
offenders returning to life in their community. As part of the program requirements
for Graduation, I taught meditation and yoga to the young women in the program.
        I have worked with government agencies, schools, non-profit organizations in
teaching people How to Breathe. Asthma, Emphasyma, allergies and lung cancer are
serious and often fatal conditions world-wide, are prominent in Southern California,
where I have taught medical professionals at Loma Linda Medical School & Hospitals
and patients how to alleviate conditions and restore their breathing to Original Breath. 
Click on menuIt All Begins with Breath.

Advanced studies and certifications.....
      Additional education, study and faculty include Certificates in Advanced Integrative
Energy Therapy; LifeForce Yoga, Amy Weintraub; Intensive 2 week yoga education program
as faculty member, Donna Farhi; International Ayurveda Conference, India; Dr. David Frawley 
Retreat, India and ongoing training in Therapeutic Yoga, qualified to work with people in 
addiction recovery; adults with disabilities; auto-immune, heart, Parkinson, MS, Alzheimer, 
age-related diseases;gastroenterological disorders, cancers, ADD, HIV, osteoporosis, arthritis,
scoliosis. Yoga for Pregnancy - inception to delivery, and Yoga is a science-based proven practice
of healing the body, mind and spirit.

Asana, or physical movement in Yoga called Hatha, is one of its eight limbs. Hatha is not a teacher's
lineage, such as Krishnamacharya - Viniyoga. Hatha means 'physical'. I will talk about this in depth
on the following pages.
You will read Students Comment from those who began the Yoga Within
with no knowledge of yoga, those who came to me having practiced other 'styles', more
correctly called Lineages of asana practice, from those who have been
teaching for years, and
from students of Yoga Teacher Training Programs. **

Read Students Comment page for their experiences.


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