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                  A World View Yoga School  

                               Lynn Kelley-Piper MEDU-ERYT500
                                  Yoga & MEDITATION Educator

  Self-Exploration & Discovery through ViniYoga

A Personal Transformation &
200 Hour Professional Teacher Training Program

Lynn Kelley-Piper, MEdu, E-RYT500
Yoga & Meditation Educator

APRIL 9, 2022

A Registered Yoga Alliance Accreditation Program

Compassion       Patience       Forgiveness    Tolerance

Equanimity        Nonduality Oneness          Self-Love

Students can come to this program with no expectation to teach yoga. How is that? They often discover - to their surprise - that they are excellent teachers. Some open Self to learn how to live a Peace-Centered Life. Many do both! Yoga & Meditation DO change your life. There is often a mix of current students and teacher participants who want further education & practice; those who feel rusty or want to explore new and safer teaching methods; as well as non-teachers - ages 18 - 78 and come from diverse walks of life.

Please read why on the Students Comment page

Our Programs are approved for teacher accreditation at 200, 300 Hour Levels Registered Yoga Alliance offered in Southern California - Contact Hours taught by Experienced (E-RYT500) teachers who meet the Registered Yoga Alliance years of teaching and continued education requirements, and RYT500

teachers who support a portion of those hours. Non-Contact hours outside the classroom include reading and writing assignments, workshop and class attendance.

Lynn has Masters of Education degree and over 95,000 hours of teaching and training in yoga, meditation, ayurveda - the World of Yoga - experience and studies, and continues today.

Physicians, nurse practitioners, psychotherapists and other health care professionals have enjoyed and found valuable these teachings that help them to better understand and treat their patients and take responsibility for their own personal healing and disease prevention.

Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras wrote 2,000 years ago "choosing the right tool and integrating that tool into the student's practice in an appropriate time and way, accounting for his abilities, needs and conditions". This Sutra reflects the original teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, 1889 - 1989, from which Patabi Jois, BKS Iyengar and other modern teachers - including Lynn - learned their first yoga at an early age, and went on to personalize them.

This Program is appropriate and available to:

* Students with a dedicated, ongoing yoga practice and have either no former Yoga Teacher Training experience OR have completed a Teacher Training Program in any lineage (Hatha is not a lineage), and qualifies for this program.

* Anyone with a sincere interest in learning the full and authentic meaning of Yoga, Mediation, Asana and its limbs, to enrich and enhance his or her inner and outer personal life with our world. This program teaches you how to teach asanas to others by lecture, demonstration, observation, correction - not by performing yoga with your students! As a teacher, your purpose is to provide a safe, progressive curriculum of learning, to help your students create a home practice appropriate to their current state of health and

conditions, to where they inevitably don't need you. They become their own teacher! Participation in group practice with a teacher to guide and correct mistakes, shared with fellow students, is invaluable and may continue for a lifetime. A yoga teacher's goal and reward is to see each student blossom into a life-time yoga

practitioner, perhaps to become a teacher. Students with no previous yoga knowledge or experience, and those with physical limitations, have successfully completed this Program and feel more Peace-Centered.

* Current YOGA teachers at any level who wish to offer their students a diverse and healing tradition to their existing teaching program.* ViniYoga reaches the largest population of people able to practice yoga, even at Beginners Level. A practice that people can adjust to a lifetime of physical, mental and spiritual changes, they are more likely to be your student for life! Many teachers who practice a more physical style of yoga usually come to me around age 40, their body less able to sustain the demands of a calesthentic-style practice - a natural and wise answer to their body's call for less stress and healing. The average age range of students in each yearly Program is usually 22 to 78.

Hatha Yoga is not a lineage. The seven major 'styles' of yoga include Hatha - physical atunement and balance of mind and body. Many Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings include some other areas of yoga, in order to meet the RYT requirements, but the focus remains predominantly on physical asana. As you have found in your own yoga practice or teaching, very early, you realize there is much more to Yoga than a good-looking Vrikasana!

This program follows the lineage of Krishnamacharya - known as ViniYoga, the Healing Science of Yoga - in addition to learning the foundational teachings, its applications and how to teach others, including those with physical limitations and conditions, and with special needs. Non-classroom hours, reading assignments, teaching practicums and a final exam are required to fulfill this course content for Diploma, and then qualify to apply to Yoga Alliance for accreditation at the 300 Hour Level up to one year from course completion.

Your required reading list is found below. On the SUGGESTED READING & MUSIC on this website, are books marked with ! beside the *, will be used in-class Contact hours for discussion, written assignment or for practicum; others will be required resource reading for Non-Contact hours, outside the classroom.

Program Content exceeds the minimum Yoga Alliance requirements.

The Program includes the teaching of Philosophy, History, Sound as Therapy, Meditation, Sutras, Ethics, Mantra, Subtle Energy Anatomy/Chakra systems, Asana; Yoga for Maternity; modification/variation of asanas with chair/strap/bolster/blankets; significant training in Breath and Energy - our original Healing Source. All taught by experienced professional yoga and meditation teachers established in these specialties. Also taught are.....Ethics & Etiquette, student/teacher relationship, teacher-to-teacher respect, the business of yoga, the role of a professional yoga teacher in the community are important issues we cover that add up to the Philosophy of the Program:

 Compassion     Patience    Forgiveness    Equanimity    Nonduality    Oneness   Tolerance     Self-Love

Anyone with a desire and a will to commit the time and energy required to complete this program for their own personal development, may do so, as long as they attend every weekend and keep up with the class. Everyone will participate in a personal interview to assess your readiness and to answer your questions.

Dates reflect Saturday and Sunday - 10 weekends: 
April 9/10; April 23/24; May 7/8; May 21/22; June 4/5;
June 18/19; July 2/3; July 16/17; July 30/31;  August 13/14.

HOURS each Saturday & Sunday: 9 am - 6 pm. We begin on time - no late entry. Dates subject to change.

One hour lunch. 2 breaks. We will hold some discussion, practice & meditation outdoors, weather permitting.


Enrollment Fee: $ 2,300.00

A 5% discount on total fee is offered, when paid in full by February 25, 2022 

DEPOSIT....your $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your space in the Program is required at the time of your in-person or phone interview, and/or your acceptance.

BALANCE OF TOTAL due April 1st, 2022

* ALL fees are non-refundable. A student cannot be replaced once the course begins.

* Full compliance of ALL requirements detailed in The Welcome Letter AND the VITAL INFORMATION FOR A YOGA CLASS: Courtesies and Considerations letter are necessary to remain in all Programs. Failure to comply can result in dismissal. No refund applies.

Enrollment is limited to 10 students for optimum, individual learning and comfort.


Begin with an in-person interview with Lynn to answer your questions and feel confident this course is for you and review the course syllabus. Then pay $500.00 in person at your Interview, to reserve your place in the Program. In fairness to all, we do not hold your space without non-refundable deposit.

HOW TO PAY...…..

Your non-refundable deposit is payable by check payable to: Lynn Kelley-Piper. Or by Cash or Credit Card.

NOTE: TOTAL FEE paid with credit card is accepted using SQUARE (must be in person with credit card).

A fee of $50.00 is charged for payment by credit card, to partially cover merchant charge.


Mail to:                                         OR pay in person.

Lynn Kelley-Piper,

A World View Yoga School

P. O. Box 9271

Redlands, CA 92375



Accessable to Southern California, the Inland Empire,

Mountains, Desert, Arizona, Nevada, Utah.

Accommodation for out-of-town students can be arranged.

PHONE 951-313-9920  Your questions will be answered during an in-person interview with Lynn to cover course content, review requirements, pay deposit and a book list for pre-course reading.

Begin with: Krishnamacharya - His Life and Teachings by A.G. Mohan (required before start date).

Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship by Donna Farhi ( " " " )

Or, we can interview by Zoom, if you live far away.

Email: [email protected]

NOTE: NO Social Network communications are accepted,
           except to confirm or change appointments.


     Your complete understanding of what you will learn in the program; time inside the classroom, additional classes or workshops or reading and your time away from personal obligations, family and other interests needed to attend all 10 weekend sessions and fulfill the requirements; your physical and mental preparedness to embark on the course...…

.ALL are important and life-changes you might experience during the months of study and training. Transformation is in the Journey......

Shantih......Peace, Lynn

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cancellation Policy: In case of a legitimate emergency that renders a student unable to complete the program, a written request, along with confirmation documents, is required and a partial refund will be considered, but is not guaranteed. The Board and the Director's decision to refund will be based upon the portion of the Program the student has completed at the time of the emergency.

This is currently being updated and will be available shortly.........


Contact-Hours in Classroom (hours with Primary E-RYT500 Teachers) and Non-Contact Hours

Techniques Training and Practice -       hours

Teaching Methodology -    hours

Anatomy & Physiology -      hours

Philosophy -      hours

Practicum -       hours

Electives -        contact hours, distributed throughout the 5 Categories

Total In-Classroom Contact Hours and Non-Contact Hours = 200